The Process to Sell Your House

What’s the process to sell your house fast in Charleston, SC? Well here’s a simply five step formula.


#1 Give us a call, text or click Sell Your House and complete the form.

#2 We’ll give you a prompt call back within 24 to 48 hours or less.

#3 We’ll then come to an agreement that would best suite your needs.

#4 You’ll then receive a written no-obligation cash offer.

#5 If you accept our offer we’ll then introduce you to our closing agent and the cash will be wired to your account.


The process to sell your house

When you need a solution to figure out the process to sell your house fast most home owners use the internet as their first destination for answers and there could be a lot of answers out there for you to explore.

Some home owners may understand that the process can be frustrating when selling a house with a real estate agent. When selling a house with a real estate agent, the property will need to be maintain accordingly, major repairs will need to be completed.

However, we are not real estate agents and we do not list your property on the MLS just to wait it out to see if we can sell it.  When you choose to sell your house to us our goal is to evaluate the exterior and interior of the property so we can determine the cost of repairs needed.  Once we determine the cost of repairs needed we then pull a list of comparable sales in the area where your property is located. 


Disclaimer; we do not discriminate due to nationality, creed, race or color. Click The Fair Housing Act to read more.