Frequently Asked Questions

We may still be interested in your house even if you owe money on your house.

You are not under any obligation terms. We believe in helping good people. So, everything is RISK-FREE. You have the right to accept or decline any of our offers.

A real estate agent will list your property on the MLS just to cross their fingers and hope that someone buys it. The realtor will then start scheduling “Open House” showings and talking with buyers, if their are any that’s interested. Before your property is sold, it could take up to 90 days to 6 months or longer before a buyer actually gives a written offer to purchase. You will have to pay a partial cost of the closing fee’s or you may have to pay 100% of the fee’s. You will also have to calculate realtor commissions, which may be around 3% to 6% commission cost. On a $150,000 house that would be $4500 to $9000 in additional fee’s.


To make life easier, we pay for all closing costs. You won’t have to pay a penny.

We do not charge you any fee’s or cost. We will also pay for all closing costs. Since, we are not real estate agents, we do not represent you in selling the property, we are only buying the property from you.

We actually pull comparable properties similar to yours. We also calculate the repair cost, equity, any outstanding costs against the property and the amount of days it would take to get the property repaired to a livable condition.

We are a small group of real estate investors and we only buy if the deal will make sense for both parties.

No we are not going to list your house on the MLS.

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